The Great Land Giveaway!!! Win 2.5 acres in Arizona!

$2,500 Value

1 Winner

Completely FREE Land!

What’s the catch, right? I mean seriously, who is going to give a piece of America away for FREE? Well here’s the deal, I am promoting my business. I buy and sell raw land in the US. Therefore, I’m willing to give away this beautiful piece of land to do it! Sure, I could spend the money on internet ads or something else, but where’s the fun in that?

THE FACTS: This 2.5 acre parcel in St. Johns, AZ (Apache County, Arizona) has a market value of $2,500. The title is free and clear, with no taxes owed. Here’s a basic map to show the location.

Apache County is a great area, with very limited zoning restrictions! Perfect spot to:

  • Have your very own permanent and private camping site (or bug-out location).
  • Live in your Tiny Home or RV, ”off-grid”
  • Hold onto it for long term investment. Talk about a crazy ROI with it being FREE & all!
  • Sell it. Sure, why not! I don’t really care what you do with it once it’s yours!

THE BONUSES: I will add you to my Preferred Buyers List, where you will be the first to know about valuable discounts & information on new listings, and upcoming giveaways. All of this delivered straight to your in box! AS IF ACCESS TO MY BUYERS LIST ISN’T ENOUGH, you’ll also get my tips on common mistakes to avoid when buying land!

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