Hello, I am so glad you decided to take a closer look into Landopia.

As a student, I remember reading books on real estate investing and watching the investment gurus on TV and how they talked about building a career with real estate and I always found the idea intriguing. I began to envision a future career in real estate. More recently, I was sucked in by the surge of house flipping shows that aired regularly and I watched them thinking, “I can do that”. With a background in graphic design, I saw a connection to designing the flow and looks of a home. My wife and I  bought our first home after college. Later we decided to sell it and look for another. I enjoyed the process of buying and selling homes. It gave me the opportunity to see the real estate market up close. It was then that things began to come together. My initial thought was that I would start flipping properties and collecting rental homes. But soon I realized that it would require large amounts of capital and could be quite a headache for me. I learned that the business of being a landlord meant risking; irresponsible tenants, infestations of mice and bugs and more than likely, frozen and broken pipes. I lost interest in rentals, but not real estate. Then I heard a podcast one day and it hit me, “Land!” Land was what I had been looking for all along. It suited me perfectly; no tenants, no rodents and no toilets. Shortly after, Landopia was born.

I handle my customers in the same fashion that I handle my family and friends; with integrity, dependable honesty and approachable service. From the customers initial interest in a property, through the financing, and to the closing on that property, I am committed to standing beside you, the customer, the entire way. My interest is in the customer, their happiness and ultimately in seeing them find, purchase and utilize their dream property.

I want to give you the chance to discover the amazing opportunity that I’ve found in land. That’s exactly why I offer our Peace-of-Mind Guarantee.

Simply put, if the land doesn’t suit you, I’ll gladly issue you a refund. I believe in doing business with integrity and I’d rather lose a deal than lose a friend.

Peace-of-Mind Guarantee

We believe in land so much that we offer our Peace-of-Mind Guarantee. When you buy from Landopia you get our 100% Satisfaction, 100% money back, 100 day guarantee.