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Borderline Beautiful! 360º of Blue Skies, Mountain Views and Remote Desert

360 degrees of blue skies, mountain views, and remote desert terrain await you on almost 25 acres to call your own, deep in the heart of Culberson County, Texas. Set up camp, build your dream getaway, or take up life on the farm. The area is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, and you make your dream come true right here in Van Horn.


Free Living Adventure in Texas Just north of the Rio Grande

Enjoy almost 10 acres of untouched Texas land in Brewster County located near the “Big Bend”. An outdoor paradise awaits with hiking, rafting, camping, fishing and more on your very own private camp.


Big Buck for Just a Few Bucks – 10ac in Van Horn, TX

Retreat to the heart of Culberson county in rural Van Horn, Texas. Country living, just 45 minutes away from the big city (El Paso). Located in the heart of the Texas Mountain Trail, it’s a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and big game hunters. At 10 +/- acres, with no build restrictions, this property in the Chihuahuan Desert is calling to you. Low down payment, ay chihuahua!

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